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​I am updating our website! I am finally ready to get back to work! Look for changes & updates over the next few weeks. We are now consigning ESTATE SALES. Ron

 Let No One Person Put a Price on Your Collection or Estate!

     a) No one has the knowledge to know the 'best price' to ensure you get it on your sale.
     b) Trends are always changing, selling online keeps things current.
     c) Ask yourself, why do people in the resale come to your sale? Because they can buy & resell it to make money.

Let Our LIVE-VIRTUAL-INTERACTIVE Online Auctions do it!

     a) PROXIBID is the Best Provider for Auctioneers to sell online.

Full Disclosure & Documentation is Your Right!

     a) All items put on an online auction can be followed by you or family.
     b)  Along with you settlement check, you will recieve a printed catalog of your sale for your records.

Consign Now!  Coins, Collections, Entire Estates & Jewelry!

     Before signing a contract with someone else, contact us for a FREE consultation. Our knowledge & committment to our clients deserves a look. Let us explain what we do & what we can do for you to provide the best representation & opportunity for your items to bring the 'best' price.

     After meeting with you, we will create a proposal designed just for you. We may suggest selling all your antiques, collectible, coins, jewelry & all higher value items online. Maybe offering everything online. Maybe the household, garage & furniture, should be handled through a tag sale. Our options are many, your wishes will be respected. After all it is your things that need to be sold.